Active environmental work

Our environmental policy states that we handle our heating, transports, recycling, and purchases in an environmental fashion. We initiate and finance inquiries and scientific research projects that can help us, our customers, and others to act in a more environmentally sane manner.

The fact that our facilities are located in Upplands Väsby means that many of the businesses located in the Stockholm and Uppsala area can reduce their transport distances and thereby the emissions in our enviroment.


Just in time for our 25th anniversary we opened our new storage facilities. The storage is one of the finest in Europe and it is also certified as a GreenBuilding. We want to actively contribute to improving the environment.

When projecting the new storage facilities in Upplands Väsby we consulted with Björn Sydbeck, one of the most experienced people in the industry. Björn has a formidable experience regarding storage facilities and was therefore able to advise us on how to build in accordance with the Swedish regulation RA-FA 2013:4 set by Riksarkivet.

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