Archive financial records and documents environmentally and secure

Financial records, medical journals, and laboratory specimens

We are specialists in taking care of financial records, medical journals, laboratory specimens, and other items that need to be stored for a lengthy period of time but still be easily accessible when the need arises. Our high degree of service ensure that we can minimize our clients efforts.

Complete document storage

Safe Box provides you with specially design storage boxes and binder cartons. We also provide you with support and instructions as how to make the handling of your item the easiest.

We pick up boxes and preset intervalls or by your request. If you wish we can also aid you systemize, digitalize, mark up, and package your material.


We take care of the transport, either in our vehicles or with the help of certified partners when transporting high value och security cargo.

Loading and unloading at Safe Box is done in-house and no material is exposed to the elements.

Secure storage

We store your documents in a secure and systematic way so that they are easy to recover and recall. At our facilities your documents are safe from fire, wate, flooding, and burglary.


We perform recall of your documents as by your request. The document is recalled within 24 hours after your request.

Sorting out and destruction of documents

We send out a request regarding the sorting out of your documents when the time is due. After your confirmation the documents proceed to be destroyed.

We handle destruction of documents by chewing action or double chewing action depending on security need and classification. Destruction is done in accordance with Swedish environmental laws and regulations. A large part of the materials is recycled. After the process a destruction certificate is issued.

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