We are your archive

Safe Box Archive lets you pick up and drop off physical and digital documents in a Green building archive.

You handle everything from your computer — we handle everything from the archive

Register your documents

With Safe Box Archive you handle all your orders online. Your company is provided with a better overview of what exists and who has ordered what.

You order new boxes, pick up and delivery, through your personalized account for top grade document security. You can also make recalls with our online service.

We pick up and deliver

Once we recieve your order we will retrieve it from our storage facility and make sure it is delivered to you in a secure way.

Pick ups are handled in the same manner and you can always see the state of your order and the wherabouts of your boxes in Safe Box Archive.

Secure storage

Our storage facilities are approved in accordance with RA-FS 2013-4 requirements without exemption which allows us to handle all types of documents,

Our unique Safe Box Archive warrants good document security so that only apporoved individuals have access to the documents.

About Swedish Safe-Box AB

For more then 25 years Swedish Safe-Box AB have been developing efficient storaging and archiving solutions. Seated in Upplands Väsby just north of Stockholm in specially designed facilities praised by industry experts.

Safe Box stores important documents such as financial records, medical journals, and contracts for several of Swedens foremost companies and organizations. Swedish Safe-Box AB is one of but a few companies in Sweden that without exemptions fully meet all regulatory requirements regarding document storage.

We also offer priceworthy, secure and easily accessible storage units with personal key for companies and private citizens. To ensure easy, safe and time-saving loading and unloading of goods at our facility we also offer a tempered docking area with trolleys and other practical aids.